DreamBundles Partner Legal Agreement and Terms

Terms and Conditions 

The term ”DreamBundles” or ”us” or ”we” or ”our” refers to Studio October Oy, the owner of http://dreambundles.com. The terms ”Site” and "Home" refers to http://dreambundles.com. The term ”Product” refers to the product or products you are participating with our bundle. The term ”Bundle” refers to current bundle you’re are participating.

By participating a bundle with DreamBundles you, as a deal provider, agree the following terms and conditions:

Information about us

DreamBundles is a business operated by Studio October Oy. We are registered in Finland under company number 2699115-6 with out registered office at Sorkantie 15 A 2, 26100 Rauma. Studio October is owned by Mats-Peter Forss.

Rights and responsibilities

We have the rights to sell your product in a bundle that you have agreed in this agreement for an unlimited number of times, and for one month period (max 31 days) or as other ways negotiated. This bundle will be sold only on this site. We may promote this deal in various legal methods that fits our brand strategy. You agree that you are the owner of your product/service that you’re participating with us. You agree that you are not violating any copyright laws. By agreeing to these terms and participating in our bundle, you acknowledge that you have created and/or have full rights to distribute the product that you are participating with, including any redistribution rights for any third party elements. If we find that your product violates any legal policies, we are going to delete it from our bundle and we will count you responsible for any legal actions that may raise for your violation. We withhold all the rights to cancel this bundle any time for any reason.

We're using the highest standard security, but we are not responsible for any malicious/hacking actions taken on our site, Gumroad, Shopify or our Paypal. We are not responsible for any problems if their or our services somehow negatively affects our bundle sales or if somehow their or our services fails to work normally.


You retain full rights and ownership to your own product(s) and/or services. We do not make any claims of ownership of the products that are featured in our bundles. You agree to be responsible and take action for any legal actions that may raise against your product. We have no responsibility to your product and you are a full owner of your product. In any legal action against our bundle or us, because of your product, you are responsible for receiving the legal consequences. In such case, we will immediately remove your product(s) from all of our bundle(s).

Refunds & Taxes

We work under DreamBundles policies and terms so we follow our refund and tax policy that is not under our control. We need to collect VAT from some of our customers that are located in areas that VAT needs to be collected, for example EU. We have a 30-day-guarantee refund and will refund our customers if they need a refund.

Sales and Payment

We work hard to get as many sales as possible, but we do not guarantee any amount of sales. We track sales via Gumroad's (http://gumroad.com) external sales function. We will collect all earnings from from our Gumroad account to our Paypal and manually pay your share from there. You will get paid to your Paypal account at the latest of 20th next month when the bundle have finished. Your amount of payment is based on the commission or fixed price that we have negotiated with you, either via e-mail, our sites disqussion, in this agreement or in any other legal way. Your payment may incur the costs of standard Paypal fees in the process of this transfer, as included here: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees

We are not responsible for any malicious/hacking actions taken on our site, Gumroad or our Paypal. We are not responsible for any problems if their services somehow negatively affects our bundle sales or if somehow their services fails to work normally.

Deals on other websites

You cannot join other bundle operators bundles when our bundle is still running. You retain full rights and ownership to your own products and/or services, and you can be part of any personal bundles with your product(s) at the same time.

Bundle pricing and free promo material

We will price the bundle as negotiated with you. We retain all the rights to add small discounts for this price, for example with plugins like "Tweet for 10% discount". We can offer 10 pieces of this bundle for free in contests, like Facebook Contest, to promote this bundle. We will also give this bundle for free to all of our affiliates so they can promote this bundle better by seeing what's in the package.


Our bundles are sold with DreamBundles Easy License which refers to extended/commercial license. More information can be found from http://dreambundles.com/pages/dreambundles-license