Do we have an affiliate program?

Yes. Thought our affiliate program isn't publicly open we still have one and we're glad to discuss if you could be one of our affiliates! We offer a commission based affiliate program, but feel free to contact us in any promotional case.

What is an affiliate?

In case you have never even heard the word affiliate then here's a little brief! Affiliate is a blogger, website owner, social media guru or whoever that has an audience that loves font bundles! We're willing to share a piece of our sales with serious affiliates who sends us a lot of new customers.

How can you promote our bundles?

You can promote our bundles in various legal methods like newsletters, banner ads and promoted posts. Dedicated newsletters tend to be the thing so if you got one, let us know!

How much can you earn as an affiliate?

That depends entirely on the size of your promotion audience. You could make up to five figures if you have enough highly interested audience. We guarantee to give you a generous affiliate commission that will definitely inspire you to share our bundles. Send us a mail and let's discuss more.

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